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What We Offer

We help companies and households get efficient in Energy. With proven national supply and service partners across the country, we are well placed to support current system owners and ensure that their system is not just fully functioning but geared to the future.

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Energy prices are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, resulting in more households now looking at solar. Solar costs have come down considerably over the past five years. Our job is to review your current and future energy needs and suggest the right system for you. Our proposals come with modelling and we can also provide finance through our partners.


Avoid bill shock, monitor, then manage to save energy and reduce costs. Most businesses have no idea of how much energy they are using at any point in time. So they cannot optimise the return on the investment made. Contact us to see how you can become a smart energy user.


With most homes only utilising about half of their solar energy generation and feed-in tariffs now around the 10 cents mark it is no wonder that many homeowners are looking at battery storage to get their utilisation up to above 80%.


Get your solar system back into action quickly. Be confident your system is working effectively and at no risk to you and your family. We do all types and sizes of grid-based residential solar system repairs. If your solar system is out of warranty we can support you to get back into generation.


If you live in a remote location and are using a lot of energy, we can offer a large solar array and installation services to help with your farming, pumping and production needs.

Eco-friendly solutions

Electricity Efficiency

Alternative Energy

Consulting for Companies

Our team has the expertise and experience to cut through the confusion. Our job is to bring together the various methods, products and services to help businesses become more self-sufficient, or at least to start using energy as efficiently as possible!

To enable cost reductions and predictability, and improve to the bottom line, all you have to do is to receive complementary bill analysis.

Consulting for Homes

Energy is necessary however the unpredictable cost for all businesses and many others is a significant variable expense. We understand that it can be difficult even to navigate your energy bills, let alone to stay abreast of all the information about how to improve efficiency and make savings.

Plus, then it still needs to be implemented by a trusted energy provider and professional.

Alternative solutions

We help your organisation unlock your full energy-saving potential. By using available roof space for solar panels we are able to achieve unimaginable low-cost electricity rates per kWh and providing our customers with hundreds of thousands of savings!

Our specialist Utility EPC Project Team provides one-stop engineering, procurement and construction service, to help your project achieve the best economics for utility-scale power plants. We have Global partnerships and currently have several international projects at the construction phase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you visit my company/ house?

Yes! Our experience shows that not all homes are the same. We value the time to speak with our customers, see the house, understand your energy needs and use.

Additionally, electrical switchboards, location of the inverter and selection of key equipment involves a professional review.

What energy offers can you make?

Monitoring – most new systems come with basic to good monitoring and there are some great third-party monitoring systems now that can do far more than just view your energy production and usage.

Battery Storage – over 60% of current solar users are looking at batteries for the future and while prices have still a way to go down you may wish to build this capability into your new system

Electric Vehicles (EVs) – are likely to become a major drawcard for people as prices drop and if you can charge from home via off-peak or battery storage then this can be a factor in your system design and placement.

How much does it cost to install?

Every home and business is different. However, you are dealing directly with the installer. This allows us to offer not only professional installation via our own team and installers, but pass the savings of supplier direct.