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Household Solutions

For households that want less consumption and green energy. Buy Directly from the Installer.

Company Solutions

For Businesses that want less consumption and green energy. Buy Directly from the Installer.

Jinko & Sungrow Package
Jinko & Fronius Package
Jinko & Solar Edge Package


Solar Experience



Over the past 15 years, Solar Installations has installed the equivalent of 25,000 residential installations across the country. Sam was the installer of the one-millionth residential system here in Australia.

Sam is licensed to meet all State compliance regulations and is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Provider and an A grade electrician.

Sam has worked in all sizes and complexities of solar in both commercial and residential projects and is keen to continue learning as each new technology arises from battery storage to smart energy monitoring systems.


How are we different?


We began our journey in solar power in 2006 when solar was still a nerdy, experimental technology. Long before it made good financial sense to the average Australian home.


We have a comprehensive range of new smart energy solar systems, expert servicing & repairs, including new Battery solar installations.

Core strength

Focused services and products to ensure systems are running efficiently, keeping energy costs low, and preparing homes for a new renewable energy future.

Efficient energy for everyone

Our Home and Business Solutions

Energy prices are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, resulting in more households now looking at solar. Solar costs have come down considerably over the past five years and this has resulted in an average system size in the 5 to 6kW range whereas five years ago this would have been in the 2 to the 3kW range. Another factor to consider is that the Government rebates (STC’s) will end in 2030 and they reduce each year until then.

What are the factors to consider when buying a system?

The first factor is the roof space available and the orientation. The preferred north-facing placement is being reviewed as more clients are looking to morning (East) and later day (West) solar production so split arrays are the way to go. While this will cost a bit more you will generate more energy.

The second factor is economics which comes down to your power usage, energy rates and capital investment. Large energy users can pay back a system in a few years while low users can take anywhere up to eight years.